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Yoga and Essential Oils for Emotional Release

From her own experience and what she's seen in her students and friends, Silke Whittaker has realised that we all hold a lot of emotions in our bodies as stagnant energy that doesn't serve us. It could be anger, sadness, grief, disappointment, guilt etc.

Yoga provides beautiful tools to release emotional baggage, bringing your awareness to the now, to the present moment to be able to set positive intentions going forward. Silke has created a yoga class with specific tools to release emotions, combining breathing, meditation, Kundalini yoga tools & a mixture of Hatha and Yin postures. This is going to be an easy yoga class that is suitable for beginners also.

She will be making a special mix of essential oils to support you in releasing stuck emotions during and after session. At the end of the class she will talk about how essential oils can help & support you in your journey. You will receive some sample roller bottles of essential oils that can help you to balance your emotions.

All yoga props & essential oils will be provided.

Cost: $40 including sample roller bottles of essential oils blends. Non refundable (but transferrable) pre-payment is required to secure your spot: Heartspace Yoga 06-0645-0563329-00. Please reference with your name and "EYclass".

Limited spaces available, please book in early to secure your spot.

You only need to bring your waterbottle, your journal or some paper / pens (reading glasses if you need them) and comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

Silke can make up personalised roller bottles blends for specific emotional proplems or states for $20 / 5 ml roller bottle or $40 / 10 ml rollerbottle and also offer 1:1 sessions to see how the oils can support your health & wellbeing.

Silke very much looks forward to connecting with you and helping you to release some emotional baggage.