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Nikki Ralston Workshops

Join the incredible Nikki Ralston at The Sanctuary for a joyous three workshop marathon!!! We are so grateful and blessed to have her, and are already filling spaces so book yours super soon - you don't want to miss out!  

Nikki Ralston is a natural teacher who has been working with the human body for the last 18 years, her passion for yoga and understanding the human body and mind shines through and is infectious to others.

Nikki has devised her own 'Ralston Method' which blends together the best elements of hatha, vinyasa, precision alignment and mindfulness teachings. Her classes are strong yet grounded, guiding her students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, giving skilled yet simple cues from her deep understanding of the human body and subtle energies, creates a transformative experience and a practice that lasts a lifetime. Balanced by her delightful sense of humour that encourages students to reclaim the joy within their practice and life.


Friday 6-8:30pm | The Ralston Method Signature Flow

Seamlessly integrating The Ralston Method signature Strong, Centred, and Inverted elements into a moving meditation deeply connecting to the rhythm of our breath to ride us through strong standing postures, arm balances, inversions, backbends, twists before we melt into delicious seated folds. A strong yet enjoyable flow to get you out of the head, fully embodies and present to the moment. Come with an open heart and ready to learn. 


Saturday 9:30am-12pm | Journey To The Psoas

Drop deep into a somatic experience and reconnect with your life force. Work through and embodied asana practice to release stored tension in this deepest muscle of the human body. Our fast paced modern lifestyle (which runs on the adrenaline of our sympathetic nervous system) chronically triggers and tightens the psoas - making it literally ready to run or fight. The psoas helps you to spring into action - or curl you up into a protective ball... The psoas is far more than a core stabilising muscle; it is an organ of perception composed of bio-inteliigent tissue and "literally embodies our deepest urge of survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish".


Saturday 1:30pm-4pm | Heart Chakra Explosion

Having the courage to embrace our vulnerabilities and fears is one of the most powerful and liberating things we can ever do. This class invites you to break out of your misperceptions and shift into a fresh perspective. We will work on building confidence and strength in our shoulders, chest and abdominals through foundational postures like handstand and forearm balance. Floor and standing backbends will teach us the grace of opening our bodies by unlocking the upper back, chest and shoulders, as well as our quadriceps and hamstrings. These exercises strengthen our lower back and open the front of our body, allowing us to tackle more advanced inverted backbends like Scorpion and Hollowback postures.



1 x Workshop = $75

2 x Workshop = $140

3 x Workshop = $195

To book email your details through to, (bank details will be sent to you). *Payment must be paid on booking. NO refunds, but due to circumstance we will happily help you try to replace your space with someone else.

Much love & NAMASTE xx

Later Event: 2 September
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