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EASE, HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT Workshops with Marion Feasey (Saturday)


To find ease, happiness and fulfillment is a very human desire. In the complexity of modern life we can yearn for peace and simplicity yet fulfilling engagement in our lives.

At times, questions can arise "Who am I?"  and "What do I do I now in the world?"'

Or we find we are continually judging ourselves (and others) as wrong - never being good enough.

Aging, too, poses it's questions as it seems we have lesser energy and faculties not as sharp as they used to be.

Mindfulness and Awareness can meet these needs and longings. They are effortless and natural to us but are elusive as we keep looking for answers outside of ourselves. 

Ancient spiritual traditions and modern psychotherapeutic modalities and Neuroscience testify to their effectiveness.

A body- centred approach is a very simple, direct way to give us a taste of mindfulness and a means to bring it more fully into our everyday living.

When we learn how slow down with bright alertness to our experience we can find a greater available vibrant energy, clarity, joy and purposefulness. Interest in life grows, relationships become more satisfying as love and compassion blossom.

These workshops introduce a range of practices to take home that are practical for every day life:   

  • gentle, slow moving sequences
  • sitting meditation practices
  • 'first aid' mini mindfulness supports for throughout the day
  • refreshments included

$20 Senior, student & unemployed. $40 Everyone else.

For over 40 years Marion Feasey has been involved with personal training and practice of Mindfulness and Meditation, and Life-long learning., This includes a 6-year period of full time teaching and leading retreats at a Buddhist Centre as well as teaching in community settings.  She enjoys bringing a non-denominational somatic approach ie body centred teachings and in meeting each person in their uniqueness.