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Nikki Ralston Summer Workshops

We are so blessed to have the incredible Nikki Ralston returning to us in January. Her knowledge is boundless, and her joyful nature is infectious! Never one to be missed beautiful people, so book your space quickly! (they are already filling up fast from her last visit!)

She offers us two magical workshops...



Dive deeper into the container of the core and reignite your inner fire.  You will learn to activate the intelligence of your core and harness its strength. This will open the channels between your upper and lower hemispheres to experience more fluid and balanced transitions and connection in life on and off the mat. Each section will relate and build off one another to develop fiery core strength to ignite your yoga practice.



Experience a signature Ralston Method ‘Centred’ class, a bliss filled journey to the centre of your being.  Learn tools to start to change your relationship with painful thoughts and feelings and develop a transcendent sense of self, to live in the present and to take action and be guided by your deepest values.  You will be guided through a top to toe release of the connective tissue matrix of the body, freeing up specific meridian lines and balancing the energetic centres of the body with Pranayama and meditation.



One Workshop = $75.00

Two Workshops = $140.00


To register; email Amber J at

Namaste xx

Earlier Event: 16 December
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