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Sound Healing Journey with Nicholas

  • Wellness Sanctuary 32A Main Street Napier, Hawke's Bay, 4110 New Zealand (map)

Blissful Healing vibrations with Nicholas Heke-Worrall, Healing artist.

Lay yourself down, with blankets and cushions, and be bathed in beautiful healing sound. A truly wonderful experience into your own inner world.

There are Yoga mats and blankets at the venue but please bring your own pillows blankets and yoga mat if you wish for extra comfort

WHEN: Thursday 7th March. 7.45pm-9pm
WHERE: Wellness Sanctuary, 32a Main Street, Hospital Hill, Napier
Investment: $20pp or $15 unwaged/students
to be made prior to the event,
to Wellness Sanctuary: 12-3144-0257538-00

Book by emailing Sarah:

Resonance is the operating principles that sound healing rests on. The two essential aspects of resonance are;
1. Like attracts like.
2. The strongest pure vibration in any given environment will bring all other vibrations into uniformity with it.

With this in mind, the Pure vibrations created by crystal singing pyramids and bowls target specific areas or energy centers (chakras) in the human body. A:3rd Eye B:crown C:Root D:sacral E:Solar Plexus F:Heart G:Throat. By allowing our Body, mind and soul the time and space it needs to conciously relax, we allow these energy centers to open and clear out Dis-ease and old energy and allow new more vibrant energy into our lives, which in turn creates more positive experiences.

Any restrictions to the natural flow of vibrancy and life force will change the specific pure tone in a way that is similar to holding down a guitar string. It can be forced to play a different note, but energy must be used to hold down that note. The energy from crystal bowls and pyramids acts as a resonant guide back to wholeness for energy that has lost its natural state and pure tone through mental, physical illness or limitation. Excessive energy is toned down and deficient energy is made full. Once in balance, the system can re-establish that resonance as its baseline of health.

Nicholas is a 35 years young Hawkes bay local who has a strong passion to help others discover who they truly are.

He calls himself a healing artist because he believes the modalities he uses come together like an artist paints a picture not with one stroke of a brush but with many.

Nicholas is a sound healer, traditional usui reiki practitioner, crystal energy healer, massage therapist and intuitive tarot reader. He has spaces in Hastings and Napier where he works from and also will travel to you if need be. He also loves chanting, Kirtan, ecstatic dance, yoga and chilling at the beach.