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Vocal Nectar: Embodied Sound- Hawkes Bay

Welcome to VOCAL NECTAR,

An evening of SOUND to connect more deeply to our bodies intelligence to use the voice as a tool to move energy and open to deeper expression and bliss.

This will be a sound journey where we have the opportunity to experience different modalities... breath work, embodied movement and vocal toning to open the space to sound our pain, pleasure and return to our POWER.

This is different to a yoga asana or dance class in that we won't be following a direct sequence but instead trusting in a more intuitive way to move and sing... our own unique expression of self.

AHHHH what happens when we let go!? What is on the other side... SPACE.

"Why are you so determined to keep your wild silently inside of you? Let it breathe. Give it a voice. Let it roll out of you on the wide open waves. Set it free" Jeanette Le Blanke.

The NECTAR experience:

- Kawa Kawa tea ceremony and sharing
- Womb meditation and toning- deep primal and heart tones
- Using the voice for emotional release
- Somatic movement, sounding with the body as we move and express to different musical beats and rhythms
- Opening the space to let our own, unique soul song express

-Finishing with us joining together in song and receiving a vocal soundscape from me- Rebecca Bee.


"Rebecca is passionate about vocal performance and expression as a healing practise and a way to liberate and free the body and mind. She has a background in studying various movement arts, from dance to yoga. Based in New Zealand, she has performed through dance and song at various festivals and is excited to bring her passion for vocals (particularly orgasmic sounding and toning from the womb) to the performance work and immersion"
Sigourney Belle- Wild Grace collaboration

From a recent workshop...

"Thank you so much for your words. Last night was a true blessing. I felt myself restored to wholeness. Love this work so much! Thirsty to do more. I just could not get close enough to the speakers / sound! In your voice I heard the mother I missed - powerful yet loving. It made me feel that the souls who become your children are SO lucky". 'Vocal Nectar' Tauranga.


Wellness Sanctuary- Hawkes Bay


$30 per person. Via bank transfer or cash on the night.
Please confirm ASAP.

Rebecca Gunson
Reference: NECTAR HB

I look forward to sharing VOCAL NECTAR with YOU.

With love,
Rebecca Bee