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Women's Circle- Soothe Your Soul

Join us as we gather in circle! Join us as we share wisdom, stories, memories, prayers, songs, healing with each other. Join us as we allow ourselves to hear and to be heard, to see and to be seen, to hold and to be held.

This is our intention for this Circle: that each woman finds the space to pause, reflect, take care of herself, and move forward.

* This event is open to women only. Get in touch if you’d like us to open a men’s circle ;) *

Here's what you can expect from the Women’s Circle:
- Start the workshop with a prayer and a blessing;
- Share wisdom and stories around a set theme;
- And hold space for each other.

Most of all, come with an open heart!
You may also want to bring a notebook and a pen, an object that holds significance for you, as well as a snack, dessert or beverage to share.

Bookings are not required for this event. Is your heart calling you to come? Then join us!


WHERE – The Wellness Sanctuary, 32 Main Street, Napier

WHEN – February 27th, Wednesday – 7.45pm-9pm

We ask each of you to contribute to the event by giving a koha, as a way to cover the venue costs, and to say thank you to Sarah and Celine.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions:!


Céline Harleaux suffered from anxiety, acne and extreme shyness for what felt like centuries, and is now blessed with clear skin (well, most of the time).

Thanks to that experience (and a whole lot of other drama), she discovered the power of self-love, and she now believes self-love is THE key to help you live Life with love, strength, confidence, and awesomeness.

Discover ways to work with her through her Facebook Page: My Dawning Light.


Sarah Beale is the co-owner of the Wellness Sanctuary, a yoga teacher & Reiki practitioner.

Sarah is dedicated to self-inquiry and personal/spiritual growth, always learning something new which she loves to share. She teaches with compassion, warmth and humour, adapting each class, no matter what the style, to the students who are present in the room.

Sarah is passionate about Ayurveda, Herbal remedies, Aromatherapy and anything which assists the body to heal itself.