We are a collective of teachers, guides and therapists with a passion for over-all well-being. Many of our tribe are yoga teachers with a background in Ashtanga and are seeking to interweave traditional practices into modern lifestyles and mindsets. We are here to guide you on your wellness and yoga journey with the destination- coming back home to yourself. Namaste x


Sarah beale | Co-owner/operator, yoga teacher & reiki practitioner

Sarah is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher, teaching Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa styles of yoga. She has also begun teaching Pregnancy yoga after training with Dr Pooja Maddela in Auckland.

Sarah first discovered yoga with the Bikram hot method of yoga when she was 18, starting the practice mainly for the physical benefits it offered. Much later along the path she discovered Ashtanga yoga which was just as dynamic but was more of an internally heating practice & moving meditation. She began to fall in love with this yoga for the spiritual journey & its therapeutic benefits. She has practiced Ashtanga for the last 6 years, started teaching in 2014 and trained with Gregor Maehle & Monica Gauci from 8 Limbs Yoga.

Sarah also practices other forms of yoga such as Yin and Vinyasa, finding treasures in each method, and intuitively teaches based on the experience she has felt within herself. Sarah is dedicated to self-inquiry and personal/spiritual growth, always learning something new which she loves to share.  She teaches with compassion, warmth and humour, adapting each class, no matter what the style, to the students who are present in the room.  

Sarah is passionate about Ayurveda, Herbal remedies, Aromatherapy and anything which assists the body to heal itself

Sarah and her partner Alex moved from Auckland to Napier in January 2017 to pursue a more relaxed way to live. The opportunity to practice with her teacher, Peter Sanson was one of the big draw-cards for Sarah to move to Napier. Sarah continues to teach various styles of yoga at different locations in Napier on occasion.

She is very excited about pouring her creative energy into, and holding space for the community at the Sanctuary. As well as teaching most of the yoga classes at the Wellness Sanctuary, Sarah will be organizing workshops & events, facilitating Ecstatic Dance and offering Reiki treatments.  





alex feasey | co-owner/operator & massage therapist

Alex Feasey is a massage therapist and has been interested in natural health and bodywork for many years. Struggling with headaches caused by neck tension throughout his life led him to the field of massage therapy. He studied and gained a Diploma in Therapeutic massage at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2002. During this course he studied a range of therapies including Swedish massage, fascial release, neuromuscular techniques, acupressure and lymphatic drainage. Alex has an empathetic approach to massage whether the client wants a remedial treatment or relaxation session.

He was manager of Harvest Wholefoods in Auckland from 2003-2016 where he gained a wide knowledge of organics and nutrition.

Alex lives and works with his partner, Sarah Beale. Recently they have taken over management of the Sanctuary. Their aim is to maintain the wonderful level of service that was already offered by Amber-Jane, while also adding their particular skills and energy. Alex does a lot of behind-the-scenes admin support & offers wonderful massage at the Sanctuary.

While he is not in the studio, Alex spends time in writing, delving into photography and perfecting the art of coffee making. 







Jean cruickshank | Yoga Teacher 

Jean is a Yoga teacher among many other things. She is passionate about health, holistic well being and all natural therapies. Massage therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Ayurveda to name a few. 

Jean has been practising Iyengar Yoga for many years now. First becoming involved through sports, finding the physical practice to be very beneficial. She always new teaching was something she aspired to be able to share, so over 10 years later in 2017 she completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training and fell in love with sharing this beautiful practice.

Yoga to Jean began very much as the physical practice, transitioning over the years to become something so much greater. Realising there is so much more to Yoga than the shape that your body makes. Yoga is Union of the body and the mind. Learning to face yourself full on, in the present moment to live from the Heart and to trust in yourself. “yoga allows you to find a freedom that you didn't know existed” B.K.S Iyengar







DEANNA MANSELL | Yoga teacher 

The first time Deanna did yoga was in her teenage years. She then sporadically did classes during her twenties and some pregnancy yoga during her own pregnancy. About 4 months after the birth of her daughter & living in a rural community, Deanna found Kelly, a yoga teacher taking classes at the community hall. This became her  sacred self time, away from the house.

Kelly later open a studio in Napier above Chantals and as Deanna moved to Napier she continued to go to  Kelly's classes. It was at this studio she met Doris Blum who was teaching Hatha yoga at this studio. Deanna  practiced with Doris, her strength and her love of yoga grew. She followed Doris into Astanga Vinyasa yoga  practice. This was the practice that Deanna fell in love with. Deanna would relieve classes for Doris at various  times and this was the first taste of being a teacher.

Doris and Urs opened their own studio Breathe in Havelock North, this is where Deanna practiced yoga and  also designed an organic range of yoga wear for Doris which was sold at Breathe. She knew that one day she would love to teach yoga. Doris and Urs have been Deanna's teachers, friends,  mentors and spiritual parents for the last 13 years, During this time they have introduced her to philosophy,  self study and books which have deepened her knowledge, as well as to the teachings of their teacher John  Scott, student of Pattabhi Jois. Deanna has done weekend workshops with John Scott which she feels changed  her practice. 

Deanna has always had an interest in Health and spiritual wellbeing as she has suffered from severe skin  problems on and off her whole life. This is where she has learnt from herbal and holistic approaches in healing  including fasting, Ayurvedic practices, herbs, essential oils, organics and biodynamics methods of healing and  nutrition. She also has a passion for women's health and has done a course in Mayan healing practices and  abdominal massage. Having done some classes with Les Leventhal at wanderlust and feeling moved by him she decided to do her teacher training in Bail earlier this year completing her YTT200hr in Vinyasa Flow. Currently Deanna is also teaching yoga at the Heratanga Woman's Centre and is looking forward to the rest of her  teaching  journey & holding space for others.




                          radha Iveta

Radha Iveta is a certifed (500h RYT) yoga and meditation teacher who spent years living in the biggest Hridaya Yoga community in Mexico. The knowledge accumulated through that period of selfless service and intensive learning , she has been sharing by teaching 3 to 10 days silent meditation retreats, teacher trainings, hatha yoga classes and various workshops around the world: Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bulgaria and Norway. Radha is currently living in New Zealand and running classes, retreats and cacao ceremonies on regular basis under the name Heart Awakening.
She aspires to share the teachings of the Heart with everyone willing to discover the depth of their being and yoga as a spiritual practice.