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Upcoming workshops


Bhakti- the yoga of love & devotion

friday | 8th march | 2019

Bhakti yoga incorporates many different practices such as Kirtan, singing devotional chants, dance - as in the sufi whirling or Indian classical dance, poetry, mudras... anything that takes us closer to the juicy, sweet feeling of being Alive and embodying the Divine.


Saturday 9th March 2019

In this illuminating workshop, Sarah will take you into each Yin pose as Sherrie talks you through the science of the Mind-Body connection; how our thoughts create and impact our physiology, resulting in our current state of health.

Pregnancy yoga & relaxation workshop with Sarah beale & Nicki Lampon

saturday | 16th march | 2019

Join Yoga teacher Sarah Beale, Hypnobirthing Reflexologist Guru Nicki Lampon and other beautiful mums-to-be in a pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation session.


the yoga space

Welcome to The Wellness Sanctuary. We are inviting you into a sacred space of peace and positivity. A space that holds energy to support those souls that need nurturing and healing. Through your journey here we hope to open your eyes and hearts to the World around you. Yoga is a way of life, and we encourage it on and off the mat. 

Through your own asana practice you are dedicating time and space for your own personal growth, to shed a brighter light into the Universe. Only by first showing compassion for yourself can we show true compassion to others. Begin your journey today, and fill your life with joy. 


the massage space

Take some time for YOU by booking in for a nourishing massage in our truly peaceful sanctuary.  Massage is not just a luxury but something truly therapeutic for body, mind and spirit. Increase circulation, release tension and allow yourself to relax. 


our tribe




My soul honors your soul

I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides

I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within you

Because it is also within me

In sharing these things we are united

We are the same

We are one