A place to just be.


Here, at the Wellness Sanctuary, we are not just inviting you into a studio. We are inviting you into a sanctuary; a space of peace and positivity. We are but guides, and Yoga is your practice. Through your journey here we hope to open your eyes and hearts to the World around you. Yoga is a way of life, and we encourage it on and off the mat. 

Through your own asana practice you are dedicating time and space for your own personal growth, to shed a brighter light into the Universe. Only by first showing compassion for yourself can we show true compassion to others. Begin your journey today, and fill your life with joy. 


Class Etiquette

To make your experience as wholesome as can be, here are some happy guidelines to abide by when entering this space:

  • If it is your first visit to the Wellness Sanctuary, please arrive 10 minutes earlier to fill out some essential details. 
  • Please arrive 5 minutes before class begins. This will allow you to settle in and get comfy. Class starts on time and the door will be closed when class starts. 
  • Respect others when coming into and leaving the space by using a quiet and delicate manner as much as possible. 
  • Please remove footwear when coming into the space. This will allow for a more grounding experience.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring your mat if you have one, drink bottle and positive vibes. All yoga gear such as blankets, bolsters, mats, blocks and straps are provided. 
  • Respect your fellow Yogi's by switching off your phones or putting them on silent. 

Thank you kindly, namaste x